September 3, 2012

Mohammed Moimeen, a 16 year old boy from Bangladesh, walked into the OP of Dr Neville Solomon in severe heart failure due to a condition called constrictive pericarditis secondary to tuberculosis. He was evaluated by Dr Prasad, our pediatric cardiologist, and referred for urgent surgery. The parents were poor and they had limited funds. The Apollo Children’s Hospital agreed to the surgery at a discounted rate and the ASHF partially sponsored the surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr Ganapathy and Ms Kothai on a Sunday as it was considered urgent. Our pediatric cardiac anaesthetists, Dr Shapna and Dr Sriram, provided expert anaesthesia patiently (the surgery lasted 8 hours as the pericardium was severely adherent to the heart)! Even the right lung was affected and need decortication. The patient had a smooth postoperative recovery and it was a joy to see him come for follow-up totally cured and active! A special thanks to our kind donors, the team and the Apollo Children’s Hospital management for making a change in the life of this child.”