The ASHF helps out child with severe heart failure.

“The pediatric cardiac team at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai reached out to over 1000 children with heart disease from all over the world in 2014.”
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Dr Neville

Anita Singh is a ten year old girl who presented to us with severe LV dysfunction and Cushing ’s disease. We discovered she had Takayasu’s arteritis and with obstructive aortic disease extending from arch of aorta to descending aorta. Her LVEF was only 15%. The parents were very poor and had come to Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai with much hope. The Alfred Solomon Heart Foundation stepped in to partially sponsor the high-risk procedure for the child. The surgery was a combined procedure carried out by Dr Neville Solomon, Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, and Dr Balaji, Consultant Vascular Surgeon. A bypass graft was placed from ascending aorta to abdominal aorta thereby offloading the LV. She had an uneventful postoperative course. The LV improved significantly and at follow-up, the LVEF was 40%.

“Dinesh, a 14 year old boy walked into the OP of Apollo Children’s Hospital, in overt heart failure due to a serious condition called constrictive pericarditis wherein the membrane around the heart is thickened and stuck around the heart thereby restricting the movements. The father was penniless and could raise only Rs 40,000/-. The ASHF contributed Rs 50,000/- and Apollo Children’s kindly gave a huge discount. Dr Solomon and Dr Ganapathy performed the surgery (total pericardiectomy) and the child’s life experienced a miraculous turnaround in 3 magical hours. The Apollo team of doctors, nurses and administrators were excellent and supportive. The child was discharged on Day 4.”